Wedding videography

Molnar Bros. Pictures

We create films full of pure, raw emotions.

Our goal is to give you a unique film to relive the day with tears in your eyes and smile on your face many-many years after the wedding. We aim to create a film you want to watch over and over again, share with your friends gladly and later show to your children proudly.
The film delivered will be a pleasure to watch even many years later – irrespective of actual trends in the world of wedding films.

We really love weddings as they let us see happiness, love and the beauty of life.
No matter how important a wedding film is, we believe it is even more important not to disturb the event. That is why we plan everything carefully so that we could focus on instinctive moments on the big day. You will find peace of mind on your wedding without having to care about us. We aim to give you a pleasant, fun experience during the making of the film while also creating a work of art.


We recommend the full screen view and high resolution settings watching videos.

Mountain top wedding – Switzerland 2018

mountain top wedding cinematography mobile

Indian wedding – Switzerland 2018

indian wedding videography switzerland youtube

British wedding – Switzerland 2017

wedding videography switzerland mobil

Betty + Norbi – Plitvice Lakes, Croatia 2016

wedding videography plitvice lakes mobile

Katinka + Krisztian – 2017

wedding videography hungary youtube

Emese + Bence 2016

wedding videography emese bence mobile

We recommend the full screen view and high resolution settings watching videos.

Peace of mind on your wedding day

You can be sure that we always arrive well prepared and know what to do. You may keep calm because your wedding film will be produced professionally. Just enjoy the big day knowing that all the emotions and sentiments will be preserved beautifully.

We work with a team of at least 2 to capture all the important moments as we are aware that these can only be recorded once. We follow through your big day from the preparations until dawn.

By investing into a good wedding film you could save yourselves from a huge disappointment. You are certainly looking at our site because it is very important for you to have a truly great film made of your wedding and because you know that only the film and the photos will be left after the day of the wedding.

Wedding cinematography

With the use of cinematic storytelling, wedding cinematography presents the events affecting all your senses like a cinema-movie.

To this, it finds unique visual and music solutions and preserves the ambiance and experience of your wedding with carefully selected tiny details.

In contrast with movies we do not direct scenes recorded several times featuring professional actors, but capture the original events and instinctive moments of your wedding in a way that a movie-like film could be composed from the scenes.

A good wedding film tells the story of a wedding like no long hours of continuous recording could do.

The highest quality available

In the field of professional wedding film production, we are one of the first wedding cinematographer teams in the world, the first in Hungary shooting 4K UHD wedding videos with multiple cameras of the whole wedding.

We apply camera moving devices and film optics used in modern film industry so that technology would not set a limit to the quality of your film.
We create crystal clear 5.1 dolby surround audio to the film with the help of professional sound recording devices so that you could feel yourselves in the cinema.

For the sake of creating films that live up to our standards and the expectations of couples, we will only undertake a limited number of weddings per year.

Your story – on screen

Couples choosing us feel that the wedding is an exceptionally important event in their lives full of emotions and they wish to preserve them perfectly on film. They wish for more than the simple recording of events.

We believe that a wedding is more than the beautiful details and it shows in our films. People who surround you, and life events that got you to where you are now are much more important.

Vendor-friendly team

If you entrust us with photography and videography as well, you can be sure to expect a convergent, well-organised team. You may keep calm and enjoy the big day knowing that all the emotions and sentiments will be preserved beautifully.
We love working with other creative professionals. We are seeking for the smoothest cooperation with other service providers of the event as if we were part of the same team.

How we work?


First of all we get to know you and check everything with you and other vendors in advance so that you will not need to care about us on the big day and can enjoy every moment of your wedding. We scout the locations and plan everything possible in advance.

Shooting on the wedding day

From the preparations we accompany you at every important events and we do not only record usual wedding moments, but we are also looking for tiny details, natural emotions and instinctive moments. Your wedding film will not be composed of directed scenes but we capture real-life moments so that it would truly be yours, still similar to movies. We will be there with you at the make-up artist, we record the moment when the groom first gets sight of the bride in her wedding dress, when you pledge ‘I do’ and we stay until dawn to record the party.

Post Production

When the wedding is over and you enjoy your honeymoon, the longest phase of work begins for us. We comply your unique story form the vast recorded material with attention to fine details like when producing a cinema-movie. We have got to know you so the film will be completely fit to your personalities, and the music edited to the film. To accomplish the film we add fine music and image solutions. When you receive our work at the end of the long process of assembly edit, rough cut, music selection and editing, fine cut, colour correction and grading, you will have a lifetime memory that you will be watching over and over again happily.